Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Eradicate Air Pollutants?

A well-decorated carpet acts as a style statement and elevates the charm and aesthetics of a home if maintained in a pristine condition. However, regular exposure to dirt, pollens and allergens make carpet vulnerable to pest infestations which adversely affect the indoor air quality of your home and counts on the health of your family members. What’s worse is they are invisible to the naked eye and tend to multiply which is why professional carpet cleaning becomes essential to improve the air you breathe.

To end your queries pertaining to whether carpet cleaning is effective in removing air pollutants, we have come up with this blog which explains the spooky chores that may be hiding in your carpet and how deep cleaning can improve the air quality of your home. Stay glued.

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Carpet Cleaning Control Allergens

Carpet fibres attract allergens quickly and they gradually spread all over your home if not addressed on time. These airborne particles can be easily controlled by scheduling carpet cleaning in Brisbane either weekly or monthly. Vacuuming with a high-efficiency filter can trap allergens such as pet dander, pollens, dust mites and help you breathe fresh every time.

Deep Cleaning Reduces Dirt

The delicacy of the carpet fabrics makes them prone to dirt infestations and they become favourite nesting ground of pests, termites and tiny critters. DIY vacuuming may not be sufficient in controlling these harmful allergens and that’s why deep cleaning by professionals becomes essential. Carpet experts use high-powered scraping tools that absorb dirt from deep inside the fibres and control the spread of bacterial infections at home.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Prevents Mould Infestation

Mould and mildews loves to reside on a moist environment and carpet is one of the favourite nesting grounds. Moulds are a result of moisture left behind due to improper DIY house cleaning services in Brisbane or an unkempt carpet. Spills and stains left untreated for months penetrate the carpet padding which instigates formation of mould and affects the indoor air quality of your home. Professional carpet cleaning once in a month can control mould growth and make your home a germ-free haven.

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Reduces VOC Compounds in Air

VOC compounds are toxic chemicals found in products which are mainly used for regular house cleaning and maintenance. These harmful compounds may be emitted by cleaning detergents, paints, plastic materials used frequently at home. Spraying and deep cleaning by professional carpet cleaners can infiltrate these toxic gases trapped in carpet fabrics and improve the indoor air quality of your home.

Professional Carpet Cleaning & Air Quality

Your home is a safe place to relax and spend time with your family and the last thing you would probably expect is to share your private space with dust and allergens! Studies have revealed shocking facts that air pollution indoors is actually higher than outside, however, a clean home can result in improved air quality and keep the health and hygiene of your intact.

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