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Why Mattress Cleaning is Vital for Airbnb Stays During Covid-19?

During the early phase of Covid-19 pandemic, Airbnb stays came to a halt as the prolonged lockdown brought an abrupt stop to travel plans. After several months post the pandemic, the tourism industry is now showing positive signs and searches for ‘trip routes’ have surged to a considerable extent. But, travelling during a pandemic is undeniably hectic and on top of that, you need to keep the safety and security of guests intact by keeping your accommodation in a pristine clean condition. Guests would select Airbnb stays which follow good health and hygiene practices and amongst the major areas to focus during cleaning, the mattress surely deserves a special mention to ensure a contamination-free stay.

Consider Bedrooms Under Microscope

Germs are present everywhere and most air-borne diseases are spread through dirty and filthy mattresses. Whereas some bacteria can make people fall sick with minimal exposure, contagious viruses such as Covid-19 can prove to be life-threatening. It stays live on surfaces for a few hours to days and a dirty mattress is a place where they love to nestle. Hence, it’s crucial to opt for professional mattress cleaning in Brisbane to mitigate chances of infections, especially when staying in Airbnb during the pandemic days.

Recent studies and researches have revealed shocking facts about the average exposure of a guest to germs during their stay in an Airbnb. With prime focus being on bed and mattresses, the average Airbnb had nearly seven times more germs and bacteria than a hotel. Mattresses are the most contaminated surfaces and to ensure cleanliness to the highest standard, mattress steam cleaning using organic disinfectants is a must.

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Why Mattress Cleaning is So Important for Airbnb Stays?

Even if you adhere to top-notch cleaning and safety protocols for your Airbnb stay, you might overlook a potential germ-hotspot that may affect the indoor air quality and make your guests prone to infections. Bodies release a considerable amount of sweat which gets quickly absorbed by the mattress fabrics and make guests vulnerable to bacteria, fungal infections and contagious viruses. 

Here’s why mattress treatment by professionals is so vital during Airbnb cleaning service in Brisbane.

  • Improved Air Quality

While lying down on bed at night, dust particles in mattresses get released which makes breathing not just infectious but detrimental to health. These dust particles lead to poor indoor air quality that causes severe health ailments like eye and throat infection, exhaustion, respiratory troubles, congestion and reduce the ratings of your accommodation. Highly advanced mattress steam cleaning by professionals improves the air quality and leaves behind a lasting freshness.

  • Control Spread of Allergy

Dust mites love to reside in mattresses and are prime culprits behind asthma, rhinitis and respiratory troubles. Preventing the spread of germs causing bacteria and allergies from mattresses is only possible through professional deep cleaning and experts always recommend using strong organic solvents and scraping tools to protect guests from terrible allergy attacks. Additionally, restricting contact with allergens can reduce the spread of the contagious virus and prevent them from causing severe health ailments. 

Trying to grasp a million bacteria by hiring professional mattress cleaning in Brisbane can assure the health and hygiene of Airbnb stays and help you bag good reviews and ratings. If you haven’t yet hired professional mattress cleaning services, get in touch with us and experience the difference. At Yours Bond Cleaning, our skilled and professionally trained Airbnb experts adhere to latest Covid-19 cleaning protocols to make the premises safe and welcoming for guests. Call us today and discuss your customised cleaning requirements. We will get back to you with a free quote instantly! 

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